Investor Information

Investor Information

Unlike commercial banks that use customer deposits to fund their loans, Farm Credit's funds come from commercial investors around the world who purchase the debt securities issued by the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation.

In addition to managing Farm Credit's Investor Relations Program, the Funding Corporation is also responsible for the disclosure and release of public information concerning the financial condition and performance of the System. You can find Farm Credit financial statements here.

The Funding Corporation operates on a cooperative basis for the mutual benefit of the Farm Credit Banks. As part of Farm Credit, the Funding Corporation is regulated and examined by the Farm Credit Administration, the System's safety and soundness regulator.

Investing in Farm Credit

The Funding Corporation works with a selling group of approximately 30 investment and dealer banks that provide distribution, trading and underwriting capabilities for Farm Credit debt securities.

With the help of the selling group, Farm Credit debt securities are distributed to investors in the United States and around the world. Commercial banks, states, municipalities, pension funds, money-market funds, insurance companies, investment advisors, corporations, and foreign banks and governments are among the types of investors that actively purchase Farm Credit notes and bonds.

Interested investors can contact a representative of one of the firms in the selling group or their local broker or investment manager for information on purchasing specific Farm Credit debt securities. For a current list of Selling Group Members, contact the Funding Corporation.

For more information on Farm Credit debt securities visit the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation.