With agriculture and rural America as our focus, Farm Credit's customers include agricultural producers across the spectrum, from small and beginning farmers, to established farmers and everyone in between. We also support agricultural cooperatives and the other agribusinesses American farmers rely on to compete in the global economy, as well as rural homeowners and the companies that bring clean water to rural families, reliable energy to farms and rural towns, and modern, high speed telecommunication services critical to connecting rural areas with the rest of the world. and the Each of these dedicated, hard-working customers contributes to the strength of our rural and national economy, and all have a strong story to tell.


Farm Credit funds agricultural producers of all kinds – operations large and small, organic and conventional, in the country and in the city. We fund everything from corn to cotton, beef to dairy, sugar to nuts. We fund the fishing industry, as well as timber and ethanol. We fund Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and local foods advocates. With the enormous diversification within American agriculture, Farm Credit is as diversified, providing the financing to support the evolving agriculture industry.

Agricultural Cooperatives

For over a century, farmers have joined together to create agricultural cooperatives to share in providing equipment and inputs, process their crops and market their products. Today, there are more than 2,500 farmer cooperatives in the U.S., many being funded by Farm Credit.Many ag coops are local, but some deliver brand names to our grocery store shelves like Ocean Spray, Land O'Lakes and Blue Diamond almonds.


Our agribusiness customers range from large individual producers to multi-national corporate enterprises involved in every facet of the food chain – production, processing, marketing and distribution. Farm Credit's significant lending capacity and direct access to capital markets allows us to support the larger capital needs of these important agribusinesses

Rural Infrastructure Providers

Across the country, we work with utility cooperatives and companies that provide critical energy, communications, water and waste water infrastructure to rural communities. Our funding helps extend electric service to residential and business customers, install new transmission lines and build renewable energy generation facilities. We're helping to increase broadband access to all our nation's citizens and diversify service offerings to include wireless technology and satellite TV. Our customers are upgrading rural water systems to deliver safe drinking water and support economic development.

Young, Beginning, and Small Farm Program (YBS)

Farm Credit has a specific focus on helping young, beginning and small producers, who are vital to the economic health of agriculture and rural communities. Our YBS programs are designed for producers who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Young – 35 years of age or younger
  • Beginning – less than 10 years of agricultural experience
  • Small – farm production is less than $250,000 annually

Contact your local office today for more information about YBS programs in your area.

Rural Home Owners

As part of Farm Credit's mission to serve rural America, we provide financing for people in rural communities, which are defined as having a population of less than 2,500. This can cover first or second homes, recreational land, home construction and refinancing.